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It is a grim reality that in YOUR lifetime you will read the following headline in the main stream media: “The Last Christian Leaving Bethlehem!? What does this mean to you as a believer in Jesus?

To start, do you care? It is extremely difficult to shed some light on the “why?the behavior of Christians relative to their Sacred Places is in such contrast with the other two Abrahamic religions. For example, do you feel in your heart of hearts that you are spiritually a citizen of Bethlehem & Jerusalem? As Americans we love our country and rightfully so after all it is our “Sacred National Heritage? why is it that we do not identify with the Holy Land as our “Sacred Spiritual Heritage? the monument of Jesus?

Chances are such questions are not brought to your attention, and it is our intention to help you think about this topic because we, Christians world wide, are losing the Christian character of the Holy Land. Once we start caring for the Holy Land as our own, then it becomes clear and logical to care about maintaining a Christian community there. That’s when you’ll realize that supporting the presence of the “Christian Palestinians?living in the Holy Land, is in the best interest of Christianity. After all “Christian Palestinians?have the same exact feelings, emotions and faith as all Christians.

We ought to take an example from those “Christian Palestinians?from the way they treat one another. There are 13 sects of Christians living in harmony with one another there. As Christians worldwide we ought to look at our uniting factors not our dividing ones. The Holy Land is paramount at bringing out our faith emotions. If a Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox go to the Nativity Church in Bethlehem to touch the star, marking the birth place of Jesus, all will have a wonderful fill of spiritual fulfillment.

Maintaining a Christian community there will ensure this “Holy Spirit?will never die. It is our birthright to go to the Holy Land and be blessed in it. Imagine your children going to Bethlehem in the future and find no Christian community to greet them. It’s a shame for us to go down in history as the generation that let it all slip away. As a confirmed person, I am a soldier in Christ. Our work is an example of us fighting peacefully. If you ever go to the Via De La Rossa (the way of the Cross) and you reach the 5th station, where Simon of Cyrene carries Jesus?Cross. Jesus was beaten and weak, just like these “Christian Palestinians? if you were there with Jesus, what would you have done? How much of a Simon are you for the “Christian Palestinians?and Christianity?

The Last Supper - LS-2

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