This is the only active Christian TV station in the Holy Land. It is known as the “Voice of Christianity? This station was established in 1996. It is a unique experiment in the sense that there is no other like it that has the permit to transmit on the air. The station enjoys a fine reputation and is held with the highest of esteem by the local church of all denominations. Again this is a testament to the unity of the Christian Palestinians. The station broadcasts Sunday Masses, religious shows and all festivals and balanced social programs. The station is geared to strengthen the love for our Lord and Savior.

The station owns invaluable archives of the many events that took place in the Holy Land during the last decade including the trip of His Holiness Pope John Paul II to the Holy Land.

The station’s finances are stretched very thin due to the economic situation of the Holy Land, made worse by the Separation Wall built by Israel. The station produced a documentary named: ?a href="products.asp?id=245">Tour in the Holy Land?with some great unique shots only available to a local Christian station. This DVD is available for purchase. You are encouraged to buy it and spread the word.

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The Church in the Holy Land is divided into:
  • Catholics (Latins, Melkites, Maronites, Syrians, Armenians, & Chaldeans)
  • Orthodox (Greek Orthodox, Armenian, Coptic, Syrian & Ethiopian)
  • and Protestants (Anglicans & Lutherans)
Christian Palestinians make up the above denominations. Of course the original Christians were mostly Jews, but some were also Greeks. Through the centuries the Christians learned to co-exist in relative peace with Jews and Muslims.

Some 100 years ago the Christians made up 30% of the population in the Holy Land, now their numbers are less than 2% some 60,000 Christians at best. The main reasons for this decline are religious intolerance and a terrible economy. It is quite easy for a Christian Palestinian to emigrate to USA, Canada, Europe and South America and integrate into the culture. The majority do not wish to leave, but the status of the Holy Land is unbearable. Imagine yourself having to raise a family with no income and no social services. What would you do?

It is very important to reach out to these Christians, after all they are the only insurance policy for the Reverence of our holy shrines.

The Last Supper - LS-2

This is a beautiful depiction of the last supper.  It is hand-carved from the blessed olive wood in the Holy Land.  The last suppe...

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