From the Founder.....

Thank you for visiting our website. We intended this website to be a link between the Western Faithful and the Holy Land. Through the NEWS Section, you’ll be current on developments in the Holy Land. The news will be updated regularly so consider checking in often. Keep in mind that our entire funding is though the sales of the crafts on the website. With your purchase, you are creating employment for the local Christian Palestinians, you are also helping us fulfill our Mission Statement.

Very few Catholic Christians can afford a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, but every Catholic Christian deserves the opportunity to own an authentic piece of the Holy Land to bless his/her life.


Rami Qumsieh, KHS

The Last Supper - LS-2

This is a beautiful depiction of the last supper.  It is hand-carved from the blessed olive wood in the Holy Land.  The last suppe...

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