Murder of Gaza Christian Unresolved   2008/02/14
Source: Compass Direct News

Palestinian Christian widow Pauline Ayyad gave birth in Gaza City last week to a healthy little girl, four months after the tiny infant’s father was kidnapped and shot to death by Islamist radicals still at large.

Rami Ayyad, 29, was serving as manager of the Palestinian Bible Society bookshop in Gaza when he was found murdered on October 7 last year. Ayyad’s family has yet to receive any concrete information on the investigation that Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh ordered vowing to bring the murderers to justice.

“At the beginning, the Hamas authorities told us they had found the car Rami was taken in, and also the people who were in the car with him,” Pauline Ayyad told Compass. “They said they hadn’t captured the driver yet, but they knew his name. And we heard that the murderer had confessed, and the case was being taken to the National Internal Security officials.” But the widow said that a week later, “We started to hear all kinds of contradictions. They claimed they hadn’t captured anyone, and that they just had suspicions to go on.”

At the same time, an evacuated Bible Society staff member told Compass that Christians “feel real pressures now between the Muslims and Christians in Gaza. Many of the Muslims believe that Rami was evangelizing people, so it was OK to kill him.”

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