Good Friday Collection - Explained   2008/03/20
By: Rami Qumsieh of Christians of the Holy Land

As Catholics, our church is so very rich with wonderful traditions and customs that most of the time we forget where it all started. We seldom acknowledge how lucky we are that not only did Jesus come, and we believed, but He also left a foot print of His complete journey on Earth, that we all can still walk, literally.
As deep as your faith is, your appreciation will be deeper if you walk where Jesus journeyed. This is what the Holy Land is; and the Good Friday collection is for maintaining the tangible memory of Jesus’ Journey.

This collection takes us back in time to the pontificate of Pope Martin V. In the year 1421, he regulated the gathering of offerings on the Holy Land’s behalf. Today, this collection has far more reaching and crucial implications than in the past years. As with your church, the more parishioners who belong, the larger the offering, the more ministries, the better connected the community. Well, the Catholic community in the Holy Land, is almost extinct. Naturally, parishes can not survive on the symbolic offering the local parishioners make in the Holy Land.

Therefore, your support is necessary in keeping alive the Mother Church in Jerusalem. The Good Friday collection, is the main source of income the CHURCH receives, such as the Annunciation, the Shepherd’s Chapel, The Nativity Church, the Milk Grotto, the Marriage Church (Cana of Galilee), and the Holy Sepulcher (where Jesus died) to name a few. Therefore, I ask that you be generous with your treasure and dig deep in your soul to do your part, regarding your time and talent category.

In conclusion, I personally find it very appropriate that this collection is labeled and taken on Good Friday, the saddest day in our religion for Jesus dies. This is because the Holy Land is home to a sad anemic Catholic community.  But, when we all care and do our part, we are protecting the birthright of our future offspring.

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