Easter Message   2012/03/19
By: Rami Qumsieh


Christians of the Holy Land


It would be a blessing if you can celebrate the Vigil Mass of Easter in Jerusalem at the Sepulcher Church. Holy Saturday in Arabic is known as “Saturday of the Light”. Parishioners would fill the Church, courtyard and the roof. When the Patriarch exits the Tomb with the Light, lit by the Holy Spirit, at hand, passing it from one candle to the next, there is a frantic euphoria of happiness and redemption. On Holy Saturday our focus is on the Tomb of Christ. This is no ordinary grave. It is not a place of corruption, decay and defeat. It is life-giving, a source of power, victory and liberation. I encourage you to visit this Tomb and stand in solidarity with the Christian Palestinians. Do NOT deprive yourself of touching what Christ touched literally! I ask you this Easter and the next 50 days, to remember the Christian character of the Holy Land in your prayers, namely the Christian Palestinians, and our Holy Sites commemorating Jesus’ earthly journey. Happy Easter. Peace, Rami Qumsieh, B.Eng. a concerned Catholic Palestinian from Bethlehem.



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