A Palestinian State   2011/09/06
By: Rami Qumsieh

Christians of the Holy Land  

September 20, 2011 is just around the corner. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will address the United Nation (UN) seeking a Palestinian State based on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital. According to Abbas, this request is in keeping with the OSLO Accords signed in the USA back in 1993. According to Abbas, 18 years passed without progress, especially that Israel is defying the International Community, including the USA, and continuously building new settlements and thus hampering any chance for a viable, contiguous Palestinian State. Netanyahu claims this action is a setback to peace. The “showdown” is set, and the stakes are very high, especially with the Arab Spring; dictators are falling thus changing the political landscape. What does this mean to YOU, a Catholic? Well, these political events have a tremendous impact on the Christian character of the Holy Land. Jerusalem is home to the Mother Church, the most Holy real estate in the world. That is where Christ redeemed us all when He died and resurrected. Christian Palestinians, are the oldest Christian community, since the time of Jesus. Access to Jerusalem and the Holy Land in general, must be guaranteed, as well as the safe keeping of the Christian community. So, I ask you to keep this date and pray a lot for our leaders to navigate this deadlock and bring about a true lasting peaceful and just resolution for the Palestinians and Israelis, without any bloodshed. On a selfish note, my whole family lives in Bethlehem, and I ask you to pray for their safety and security; and all residents of the Holy Land. God bless you, Rami Qumsieh, B.Eng. a concerned Catholic Palestinian from Bethlehem

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